All Scale CELSS, and Photo-bioindustries

“Photo-bioindustries” are defined as the collective name for the industries based on high utilization of sunlight for photosynthetic production of bio-fuels and other useful substances; innovative crop production and aquaculture with substantial improvement in utilization of sunlight, and the supportive equipment industry.

These industries are non-destructive to the environment and spread of these is the radical measures to solve the most important and urgent issue for our survival. The project to trigger a chain reaction of developing Photo-bioindustries comprises two undertakings in application of significant breakthrough technologies and will have a “paradigm change” in international trade competitions when it is pursued with the principle of “Biospheric Civilization”, a self- sustaining prosperous civilization.

The concept of the Biospheric Civilization was derived from the life support system for the space development. Hence, the development of the Photo- bioindustries is said to be a terrestrial application of space development technology.


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